last, what I have been wanting to share w others: 

My Online Course for those who’d love to give meaning to every piece of items worn or applied. 

Style is what you know that suits you, which that makes you feel fits like a glove. That’s my interpretation. Something subtle or stark, that’s your prerogative to choose of which each can be your trademark that carries you over, good or bad, If it’s a hit, you’ll never feel out of place anywhere which means you know you but the tendency is subtlety or understated look is the safest bet and most complimentary.

The astuteness of what to wear at the right venue is imperative.

That sense of nonchalance in the way you carry yourself because of the confidence it gives you that you just radiate.

An understanding of mix n’match in colours, fabrics, cuts and shapes for each season and when. First day of sunny day, second day of sunny day, third day of sunny day and again first day of rainy day and so on and so forth on each season determines the combination of the above components for your clothing. But that’s Milan Style truly, not so much seen today but it’s very much felt and appreciated when we all happen to respect that unspoken rule. How? For example I was at a Travel Agent the other day. there were 5 persons there; two were the agents, a lady and a gentleman. Both wore black/grey with an orange top and the gentleman in avocado green combinations. Then the three customers, me and two guys and what did we wear on that day? We had black colour top or pants and each one of us has purple on one guy, a burgundy on the other and a green on myself.  

Can anyone see the connecting link here on the colours we wore that very same day as though we’ve agreed to wear them?

I’ll help you with a clue.  

Green, purple, burgundy, orange, gold are considered the warm colours and patterned ones too. However, combined with black or grey or white, they’re the perfect combination of clothing on the first sunny day in spring or autumn. Avoid mixing this combination in seasons winter and summer. So that’s another tip for those who are keen in getting to know the Italian or Milan style of putting colours together as an unspoken rule I’ve been bringing up every so often.

The five of us in that travel agency office “got it” as we had all understood that unspoken rule. It’s some sort of structure base to plan your daily outfit that makes sense and a great deal of help in choosing your wardrobe when you shop. 

And that’s how you will come to understand the intricacy of details on how one clothe oneself that’s fun, sensible yet stylish in that understated look that’s quite a confidence-boost when worn.

Just click on these selections to see or shop:

Animal print with white/black or grey combination is one example.

And this is the perfect combination just to give a visual idea:

Yellow top w black or white or grey fuseaux/leggings:

Burgundy or red wine or ox blood colour cardigan for this season:

Bottle green top:

And this scarf with black or white or grey outfit alone gives you that stunning and stylish look already. Yet, a simple combination, understated in a sense that it’s not plain:

These are just some basic styles, certainly one could make it your own by combining the kind of fashion you prefer on these particular seasons. spring (21st March – 21st June) – autumn (21st Sept. – 21st Dec.).