How I Became Spiritual (there are out there who interpret this word as either “religious” or “ghostly”, none of those).

Thailand, Pattaya and Bangkok: Hubby had twice heart attacks in between two months. Both in Pattaya where we lived.  We were there for his job for a joint-venture Italian – Thai Engineering Project.

Two weeks hospitalised in Pattaya, back to work, a Thai colleague of his called from the office. Advised me that my husband has reverted to smoking. Soon after, came on the second heart attack. This time we took him to Bangkok with the ambulance. Just he and myself. What an ordeal! Not only that. The ambulance driver fell asleep and almost hit the concrete ramp in the middle of the highway when I screamed.  That straightened the direction all the way to Bangkok.

At the Hospital, a modern and huge place with a Cardiologist and a Surgeon studied in US, they decided to do the bypass and not just the balloon method of opening the three valves that were blocked, today is the stent treatment as it is, they advised that I’d agree to a complete bypass so Pietro didn’t need to do the regular balloon treatment anymore. At least that’s how I understand. I signed giving them authority to proceed and the intervention began.

It went well until the next day, as they did it in the early afternoon. Then crisis. I won’t go into detail but they had to re-open the chest the day after at midnight and close the hole on the heart poked by a needle during the operation that resulted with the air was filling my husband’s lungs. He swelled up from the neck as wide as his shoulders and couldn’t breathe normally any longer while becoming blue as time passed by.

Never ever have I seen anything like it nor experienced any of the drama as such even when dad died and mom a few years later.

Again the Dr’s requested me to sign to proceed, I did, in the partly darkness of the Hospital as their electricity went dead.

Operation two, all turned out magnificently.

Fast forward to leaving the Hospital after two months with me staying in their luxurious room and hubby in the Intensive Care Unit, thanks for the care of the Company he worked for, their Insurance took care everything, we left Thailand a few months later as hubby continued to work and even resumed driving normally.

How grateful I felt.

To New York to see Tania as once we were back in Milan, Pietro decided that we’d visit Tania.

While they (Pietro, my husband, Tania and her boyfriend) were strolling in Columbus Circle as Tania’s boyfriend had a residence in the area, we passed the bookshop of America, Barnes and Noble.

As we were stopping outside just talking, I decided to enter by myself wanting to browse quickly.

By the miracle of some unnatural pull, my eyes somehow caught this little book from afar, yet, not knowing the title of the book but something pulled me to go there directly passing other books and magazines shelves and just focusing on going to that book.

The title I finally see, “Conversation With God” by Neil Donald Walsch.

I didn’t even know they came in trilogy, I just purchased this one book.

Out of that book I derive so much understanding about life and the Universe and God in a more profound context of what is all about even if we never, as human beings, could fully understand how God works thus for the expression of God Works In A Mysterious Way, and it’s true. I personally can always attest to that.

And so began my life of Spirituality that has become a guidance or recipes of how I have conducted throughout times of highs and lows.

I am still human and I still make mistakes, however, the idea that this book has become a sort of sacrilegious in term of injecting me with some wise approaches to life, I am peace.  I am joy. I am abundance. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am all that is positive. I am all that is respect. I am all that is love. I am all that is purity and I am all that is gratitude to God and The Universe forever.

And Serendipity had it. Fast forward a few years later when hubby was assigned in Seoul, South Korea – the author of this very book made an appearance as a guest seminar right in the Hilton Hotel which one of the apartments we were living in has adjacent building as their Banquet Hall Building and that was where the Seminar venue was. Regretfully, their banner of announcing this event was in Korean language and only after two days past I came to a realisation that Neil Donald Walsch was their guest in that very seminar and I missed it!

How close we were yet far because I didn’t know. Still, I am grateful that we had only six degrees of separation between us. If only I knew.