Memoirs of Italy/Anecdotes 1

Thanks to a friend in Rome as per his suggestion in that passing remark, I’ve got my aha moment as to make my youtube channel as one that carries anecdotes of my life chapter in Italy. Nothing adventurous as in filming, but merely sharing short stories that come right off the bat that I will…Read more »

Aha Moment

Thanks to a friend in Italy on an Expat’s page that I’m a member of for his suggestion on why not make a Memoirs of Italy since I have so much to tell and share of the beautiful little anecdotes or stories that might be of interest or inspiration to my followers, subscribers or readers…Read more »

Worrying for Nothing

For as long as my iPhone keeps closing on me whenever I take pictures let alone filming a video, which has been two years to day due to no Storage , I’ve always felt so restricted, anxious and limited to what I want to do with my Youtube channel by only using my old iPhone…Read more »