Miss and Hit Spring Style

Below are two pictures that show how important details are. Have you ever wondered, especially those who are style conscious, why are there those who dress so nicely, yet, there’s something missing. It feels like, analogically speaking, you wear a great looking pair of shoes but somehow they don’t fit. The same with style too.…Read more »

Spring Outfit

Affordable but stylish. No need to buy pricey items. Here to just give you an idea how to combine one Spring outfit, casual wear. Start with these and you will see. Remember, these items shown below are all strictly for Spring which means until June 21 – then change to full Summer Collections in everything.…Read more »

A New Instagram on Style Alone

So, just to update you, I am in the mids of building a new Instagram page that is strictly on my particular, unique, authentic Milanese style that’s been tried and tested, therefore, I will share with you in a much more comprehensive way why it is different from any other style blog there is. This…Read more »

Lounge Dress Into Dressy Look

Since today was my staying-in day, however, I had to make a video for my Youtube channel that was supposed to be posted yesterday but now has just been posted, I decided whatever dress I was wearing today to make it into rather dressy kind of outfit. See the colours combination of this dress made…Read more »