Hi – Ciao (amongst the young ones and those you know close).

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening – Buongiorno reads bonjorno, or, buona sera, to strangers, older ones, formally. Notice that is very rare to say Good Afternoon – buon pomeriggio reads bon pomerijo.

How do you do or Pleased to meet you – Piacere reads piachere.

How are you? – Come stai to close ones – Come sta to strangers and older ones or formally.

I’m well, thank you – Sto bene, grazie reads stoubene, gratsie.

Please, could you… – Per cortesia.

Thank you – Grazie reads gratsie. Or Thank you very much – mille grazie reads milegratsie.

See you soon – A presto.

Go ahead – Prego as in please do.

Goodbye – Arrivederci reads arivederchi (till we meet again).

Some gesticulations: