I don’t know where to begin. At least friends I have had since the demise of my husband. Never have I thought real friends would come out of the woodwork whereas those who were constantly in my life when my husband was around gone without a trace.  In the same context, they’ve never been friends anyway had I met them as a single woman so there is the answer.

I won’t mention names but those who are my awesome friends that I’m beyond amazed are here today with me and oh how i feel so grateful and lucky to have them in my life. May God bless their lives all the way, they’re champions of genuine friendships without motive behind their profound gestures of love and care. They are friends I wish anyone could have because they are there when I need them the most.

They don’t take the time right when I am down, to take the opportunity to make me  feel lost even more.

I see some who on the moment i need the support, use that time to reprimand you. Or those who start to make you feel guilty only because they make an issue out of their own incompetence to comprehend amply and start to make you walk on eggshell for their interpretation out of their own invented assumption.

Then these kinds of so called “friends” are not your true genuine friends even if they help you, oh yes, but with that hidden motive of making you having to justify your action of your words.

A shame really.

So that’s my take on friendship. It has to be take and give without one trying to make the other inferior or superior. It has to create the feel of ease, fun, understanding, respect and the joy of being a friend of each other.