I have a feeling to be not a common person in today’s world anymore because of:

  1. I don’t do swearing even using that commonly accepted f word. I never used it except in referring on someone using it.
  2. I always respect people and have never behaved in dismissive ways be in their presence or behind their back.
  3. I am flabbergasted by some friends unflattering behaviours expecting them to be perceived cute perhaps? Well, not to me – although I pretend not to notice – however, when they suddenly want to lay etiquette on me only because they are “sensitive” – well, well, well… that just turned me off completely!
  4. I always acknowledge fairly to whatever needs acceptance in terms of if I’m wrong, or if they are right, and the world would be a better place to have some semblance of respect instead of refusing to acknowledge.
  5. When I don’t have anything nice to say, I don’t say anything, unless provoked, I would add.
  6.  Never assume anything and draw your own conclusion. Stay neutral in not giving judgemental verdict on anybody because of their look which is very superficial to be valuing people on that alone.
  7. I adore structure, what do I mean by that? Eating at table and at regular time even though being on my own now, I don’t apply this rule since comfort and practicality are more my modus operandi today.
  8. I’m not for mixing food with any kind of beverages.  For me, water or wine accompanying my proper Western food with an occasional soft drink or beer to go with fast food or pizza.
  9. On conversation; listen.  Speak only when the other person finishes his or her sentences. I don’t adhere this rule too much here when speaking with Italians since they have the habit of not allowing you to speak in edgewise and with loud voice although less so today as opposed to the older generations who had that habit as normalcy.
  10. Sit properly, walk with elegance, have good posture.