Miss and Hit Spring Style

Below are two pictures that show how important details are. Have you ever wondered, especially those who are style conscious, why are there those who dress so nicely, yet, there’s something missing. It feels like, analogically speaking, you wear a great looking pair of shoes but somehow they don’t fit. The same with style too.…Read more »

Life in Jakarta with Style

So, I went to an invitee Fashion Show for the first time yesterday at Raffles Hotel, thanks to the invitation of my close friend whom will remain nameless,  I could slowly be integrated into my own country once again after many years of absence, although, with resistance on my part as I somehow feel I’m…Read more »

How to be Elegant Anywhere

It is possible. Just follow these simple instructions. As Coco Chanel once quoted, “Before you leave home, look in the mirror and make sure to take something off.” Or to that effect. In other words, never over-embellish yourself. Wearing jeans can be elegant by adding high-heels or a necklace or even a jacket for example.…Read more »

One Doesn’t Fit All – Be You.

(If you see the previous pic posted which was a photo taken in Spring Time. Spring and Autumn are the mid-seasons which fabrics, colour-cordinations, cuts and silhouettes are similar except stronger colours and thicker fabrics or textures for Autumn recommended and this one currently is the one taken today). Thus for some people who resembles one…Read more »