Adjusting Living in Jakarta

As I realised I still could tweak on getting more storage on my old iPhone 5S, it has given me ability to film for posting vlogs as frequent as possible for your enjoyment to follow my life now that I am a widow moving from Italy back to Indonesia. It’s fun to explore all the…Read more »

Life in Jakarta with Style

So, I went to an invitee Fashion Show for the first time yesterday at Raffles Hotel, thanks to the invitation of my close friend whom will remain nameless,  I could slowly be integrated into my own country once again after many years of absence, although, with resistance on my part as I somehow feel I’m…Read more »

Pluses and Minuses

What are the differences between life style in Milan, Italy, and Jakarta, Indonesia. With or without my late husband on my life in Italy are as follows:   ITALY. Pluses:  1. Going out for a weekend since it is only an hour car ride or even only for lunch or dinner or tea or coffee…Read more »