Friend to Earth

For any bamboo straws order, contact me at Minimum 10 straws – Maximum 200 straws as per picture below as an order of one customer already. Price at Rp. 3500/straw. Delivery as Go-Send or Go-Jek can be used by buyers in Jakarta so you could get them the same day. You can make your…Read more »

Indonesian Way

Of how to eat using your fingers. Only applicable at home or with close friends. Not a common custom but it is at your leisure since the consistency of Indonesian dishes can easily be consumed by using your fingers but in a gentle and discreet way. Here’s video taken last week.

My Moving Day is Here

Well, today it is the moving day from this apartment itself.  Today is The Day.  Mixed emotions? Strangely enough, very scarce. Perhaps that I have been a widow for almost 4 years now? Perhaps that psychologically Pietro, my late husband, had never wanted to live here in the first place and more than ready to…Read more »