The name of the street that has been with me for years; that is the residence my late husband was living in, when he went to Indonesia for his stint and met me, then accompanied me to visit Italy for the first time by his invitation brought me to this address where I eventually lived for decades later.  I remember, I was surprised by its size which was very small comparing to what I was used to since I was living in Singapore in an apartment with three bedrooms as well as a house with a garden in Jakarta. To then see decors of the old world but was not too surprised knowing that this is Italy.  And so as times goes by, I modernised it slowly and slightly, retaining its classic feel with the touches of my Indonesian background as much as those items and pieces we brought from places we lived such as Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, S. Korea, England and Russia (though I opted to stay in Italy and only visited during his stint there).

Well, here I am now. An outcome that wasn’t in my vision. Thought I was to continue living on here even after becoming a widow.

This month of December, 2017 on 24th, right a day before Christmas that the spirit of the festive is not with me totally as I will at last leave this apartment for good. Time to close the shop with my Milan’s life and God willing, I will one day return here with a new place and a new life of being on my own that I don’t mind at all.

This apartment looking back has brought a certain cozy life and a sense of security where I didn’t have to think of any responsibility but just be a wife of a hard-working husband. However, it has a mind of its own as for the last one year it has brought me the biggest responsibility I have had to face by myself, making decisions on which right step I should take. Well, those steps have taken me to this juncture of my life; to leave and move back to Jakarta now.

So, thank you apartment D, third floor, for all the tumultuous life in terms of the cultural shocks that I had to endure so albeit the affection I have for you, there were so many constrained living just as much. However, without those, I wouldn’t have learned a lot about life in Italy. And for this, I thank you.

I am now ready to leave this place especially mentally and emotionally, thanks to over 3 years of weaning period from being a wife to widowhood and not any sooner burdened by the enormous task of emptying that still is in progress though the main job is done.  It’s a matter of fitting all these other personal belongings into the 2mx3m Storage Unit and it’s all downhill from here in terms of ease.

Arrivederci Via Donatello 21, thank you.