Ever since I was 25 years old I had followed a regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising on my morning and night daily ritual with a massage my way for my face.

Will video and post it here.

The brands that I had used from the beginning of my beauty conscious self and not necessarily the regime as yet was from brands such as:

-Mary Quant. Estee Lauder. Christian Dior. Lancome (had to stop when I was 28 years old since my skin produced rashes out of their moisturiser). Chanel. Oil of Olay.

Nowadays I only use those from the pharmacist which are mostly based in Switzerland, France and Italy and only starting with some organic products as well.

I did discover at a Russian store here their skin-care range that suited my complex and facial skin very well. I will share them here later.



Yoga has been the exercise I have been routinely doing for 15 years.

Pilates is an additional exercise I started 5 years ago.

I haven’t been doing them regularly in these last 2 years I must confess but I substituted with plenty of walking here in Milan, and swimming in Jakarta, although I do treadmill as well.

Photos will follow.