Subtle yet Stunning

What does that mean?

In style when one wants to be distinguished yet not tacky and vulgar or classic and matronly. The idea is to keenly find that balance. You have to feel that sweet spot of style as it will come and when you find that, confidence boosted, looks enhanced and the carriage of your own posture sweeps you away in that graceful or lightning impact depending the personality within as that is what will reflect positively whenever you walk into a room. Fretting no more on if you’re dressed right and I know some would say, I am me. Yes, you are you and that’s what will evoke once you learn the rules or codes so as for you to adjust according to your type but the basics are there.

That’s where my intention is with this course is that I am guiding through my simple takes that doesn’t necessarily to be examined but as for you to learn by keeping it for your point of reference any time you need. I guarantee you, with time, you will know all by heart that honestly, it took me at least 5 years to really “get it.” And here you are to take and learn all formatted in a course. I wish I had this teachings when I just landed in Italy. It would have saved me years of being looked at derisively or ignored. Until it hit me. Their take on style and beauty is based on the kind of “their” unspoken rules and they would know you know them? Respect comes into play.

Because conformity is their style. With a purpose and functionality that made me understand the depth of Milan style that is quite enhancing one’s perspective of style in general.

No more just the London’s eccentricity I used to adhere to.

No more the nice looking outfit that I used to put on without linking it to the venue and the event of the occasion.

No more any outfit at any time, any season and any venue.

People confuse style with those Fashion Week held in Milan assuming they are what you see in the streets of Milan. They are not. They are the flamboyant avant-guard fashionistas that are visiting Milan for that event and photographers snapped them.

Milan style is the every day life that I have lived there.

The season, the day, the weather, the event, the place, the subtle changing of fabrics, textures, colours, shapes, cuts and combinations overall.

What shapes of hats for Autumn, what shape of shoes, collars, belts, accessories, jewelleries, sunglasses, bags, and last but not least – texture of fabrics or materials.

Not simple, right?

Please go to my online course that was made in that organic way without the usual cookie-cutter lessons but what are based only on my experiences.

It is for the keeps.

Any inquiries or questions you would like to ask, email me direct, preferably to: as the one used on this course is no longer valid ( couldn’t open it).

Forgive for the rather raw kind of presentation but I would like to share them all with you that I couldn’t wait to get a better camera or even iPhone to video nor to take photos of.

Enjoy! Do it in that fun way!



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