My Effortless Autumn Style

Most of my clothes are in the Storage in Milan, Italy. The four seasons collections. 

My clothes here in Jakarta are old. However, I have always made sure that what I purchased will remain timeless and almost classic.

Since I have to budget myself in the last 3 years of life, I have not splurged in new wardrobe at the same time, I don’t need to shop. I could always mix&match according to season even though my residence in the past two years has been back in my hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia.

I chose not to have an active social life any longer although friends have been more than kind to invite me but I have declined with an explanation that I need to re-establish myself again in my own country.

They have their base here although they have an apartment in Bali, Paris and Milan. But they are well-established here.

I am a new kid in town once again after being that for many years in Milan although this time, amongst my own people.

Nevertheless, I have to start from scratch with the fortune and blessing of already owning this beautiful Balinese villa outright. Hence my sense of peace. Yet, I have to run the machine, it still has a lot of hiccups now that I am a widow living on my own.

Most importantly, I am at peace now knowing my husband is at last resting for eternity.

Therefore, I wear what I have at hands here in Jakarta. Hope you still like the outfit. The technic of styling that would make you not an eyesore to others, nor a vulgar bling-bling, or an extreme eccentricity, nor flamboyantly that looks out of place in real life. But a subtle, yet striking, yet understated, yet stunning at the same time. It’s mesmerising for those who understand style. So here’s my simple non-glamour video made spontaneously the other day.

Enjoy friends!

P.S. Bear the poor equipment that I still use. I left my Canon camera in Milan, an old one anyway but still, it would have helped me make a better video.


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