My pool house’s room.

Thanks to lodger, this past weekend this room has been rented for a night for a pool party of 7 people with an additional of an existing bnb room that’s in the main house.

Never had it entered my mind to rent it out only due to lack of comfort such as broken electric hot water heater, wc, a small part on the ceiling and some chips on the walls.

But lodger was kind as to say go ahead preparing it anyway.

I did have a project as to transform it into a spa room but too ambitious for now.

Lo and behold, it’s done! It’s been rented as a room to sleep, ensuite bathroom and a porch rental.

Soon I would repair the whole room as to make it fully furnished and functional room altogether for the comfort and cosiness of the future guest or lodger.

I went full immersion into cleaning the room myself, even lying down on the floor with my whole body under the beds as to connect its one bedside table’s lamp cable onto the power extension connected to the outlet. Oddly enough, it renders me even more connected to my own house at last after all these years owning it – albeit only 20 months now living here permanently.

Serendipitous experience that occurred in a blink.

Will move all the things that are still in there to my other storage which roof needs repairing first. I just took a look in it myself for the first time in years. Wow So many junks in there and it really needs cleaning up.

Needing quite a sum of capital to do all these works but they will be done!

Don’t over-analyse it. Don’t waste too much time thinking about any project in your head. Just follow the natural development of things that are occurring right in front of you by people’s suggestion that comes from the heart, or, the manifestation of things that follow when you are on a roll. As long as you also accompany it with some degree of common-sense and not be obsessed by it that it controls you.

Have a super week ahead.

Thanks for subscribing to my blog or youtube channel. And in case you would like to go on my youtube channel direct. Here is the latest vlog with the same subject as for me to explain it myself in person.

Thanks again to everyone.

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