Show Me Signs

If I should stay here and keep on running my still meagre income business with this Villa i.e: B&B and Lodger. Plus the unexpected Bamboo Straws produce from my own garden was the question I asked the Universe last week.

Suddenly, not a day later, in the late evening… housekeeper texted from her dwelling at my poolhouse where their quarters is situated, “no water.” I asked, “what do you mean?” Her answer, ‘water machine pump is dead.”

All I think was my lodger as he came back from work already so he must have needed water until I texted him saying that to which he answered, “yes, I learned the hard way.” As he was in the middle of shaving. How polite he was.

All the more reason for me to fight for his conveniences and comfort but to no avail.

An emergency hydraulic man came but he asked for Euro 300 and that is to take the machine away and only return it the next day in the afternoon. And he wanted advance payment.

No, I have no emergency fund, I couldn’t possibly say to go ahead even though I did attempt what if I paid in instalment. No can do he says.

The next morning at 6 am I started texting lodger as well as housekeeper, guiding them both on what to do. All worked out beautifully under the circumstances as I wanted to focus once he’s off to work, on what steps to take.

Then suddenly common-sense tells me the price I was quoted as to repair the machine must not be a normal price so I texted housekeeper that we’ll look for a normal quotation but lo and behold, hk has already taken initiatives. As most is the case with her.

She has contacted next door’s and found the man and started working on the machine immediately.

By past 10 am the water is back!! Repaired right there and then without having to take it away to their workshop.

Bill? E 60,00!!

Oh… what a relief for Housekeeper and I. We were both were weak in the knees when she presented me with the bill in my bedroom. It was such a relief that we really felt we could fall right there out of the tension we have had to go through.

And now, I realised, the answer to my seeking signs on what I must do at this juncture of my life.


Yes, staying here and not returning to Milan, Italy, again unless it is for a visit.

I miss the seasons, the climate, my life’s routines there as in grocery shopping but at the same time, I am happy to be striving here in my own country where everything is provided.

It is just a matter of putting things in the right perspective and priority.

I feel blessed and happy to be back in my home once again.

Thank you, Universe.

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