Harvested Fruits and Vegetables on Online Order

I gave it a try for the first time ordering them online and realising that they will harvest them as soon as I place an order.

Didn’t think much of it until their delivery and had the sweet potatoes served boiled. Such freshness, tenderness and clean taste to it.

Then a couple of days later, mango and papaya were cut-up served for my breakfast.

How sweet their tastes are, that naturalness of sweetness until this morning, Monday August 12, I had them and still so fresh and naturally juicy. On Wednesday it’ll be one week since I placed an order.

Therefore, I shall now begin to order from this site in Jakarta, Indonesia, called sayurbox regularly or to be precise weekly. Costs me not even Euro 20 for all.

Online stores in Jakarta have the widest arrays of items you don’t even expect to find besides Amazon and Alibaba.

They have Lazada; Tokopedia; Bukalapak: Blanja: BliBli; Amazonprime USA… so many of them!

Jakarta is a city of discovery. Go anywhere in any shopping mall or complex, you will find things that are considered big deal in Milan, Italy, with such nonchalance in Jakarta.

Such as brauhaus where ladies have their eyelashes done and brows shaped. Only in the cente of Milan city you can find it.

Here, it is almost in every Mall and it has more than 250 malls we have in the city.

Milan, you can only go in the suburb for any semblance of Malls to go shopping at but even that, it is not complete.

Love Jakarta for its richness on options, selections and choices.

Only thing is, I am not still acclimatised to its heat and especially its high humidity as yet.

Mind you, it went down to 26C the other day that I did feel cold in my bed in the night. Must be the cold winter air from Australia as after all, we are only 8 hours distance of flight between the two countries.

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