Unexpected B&B Guest

Out of miscommunication from a site that usually sends a notification, I didn’t get this time until a phone call on my landline rang around 10 pm on a Friday night from someone sounding tired and lost.

Cut the long story short, I received him to make sure he’s ok, never mind the rate has been reduced to less than the normal rate, for 3 nights, which I immediately explained. However, I wouldn’t like to find myself in his predicament that I decided to just allow him to come over and have his room ready, luckily, housekeeper had it made except for pillow covers.

All done, he was insistent that it wasn’t his fault.

However, the next morning prior to me starting to talk about anything, he shoved to me respectfully a one-night rate as the one he paid already will only be received in September mid. So I accepted.

Now, he is staying another night so he will again pay me for one night and I did concede him for the first night on his arrival to be gratis as after all he arrived almost midnight by the time he started using the room.

All in all, it turned out good as he is fun to have around. He even cooked for our Sunday lunch – though very late – but it was a lot of fun to have together with my lodger and his girlfriend.

He played his music from his bluetooth speaker and he and I even sang the song of Tracy Chapman together.

The world comes to me now as I have travelled a lot in my life and have lived in many various countries, thanks to my late husband, that staying home today is just a perfect joy for me to live in with all these guests visiting here from different parts of the world.

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