Italian Men I Know

I know, I know. This is a very personal story. But why not share if I know there’s an inspiration that I could share with anyone.

Some widows, they marry soon after.

Or, living with a partner.

I am proud that I don’t.

Therefore, I share.

Hope you take the useful tips from this.

  • Respect oneself.
  • Principles you must have to maintain your true value.
  • Be wise by not resorting to instant gratifications which I was vulnerable to heed after husband’s demise. Men came courting but you have your husband’s love and rapport remain very sound and alive still that somehow, you think these men were the same as your husband. So you were too vulnerable to distinguish or decipher. This occurred in my case in the first 1 year. Though interesting men they were, I am glad I actually avoided all of them by sabotaging every relationship that could have developed but would take a compounded pain if I were to continue on.
  • Do not waste time on someone who intuitively you find not exactly your type.
  • To go on living your life even if you encounter hurdles along the way as I am currently facing from two fronts. Italy and Indonesia. It’s tough but on the other hand, it teaches me to think hard – they say healthy for the brain. Hopefully, I could sort them all out soonest possible.


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