For My Stylish Readers

So… We are three days since the Summer 2019 began. For those who don’t care about seasons, that’s your prerogative. You’d say (to those who live in a tropical country), “ah… we can wear anything all year.” Wrong. Try to follow the seasons. Even in tropical countries. Merely a matter of material/fabrics that you change to suit the temperature. That way, if you have learned from my Online Course of The Unspoken Rules of Style, you will find yourself excited for changing the wardrobe for these three summer months. You look forward to a selection of fresh outfits to put on again instead of the same old same old clothes all year round. In terms of colour combination, cut, shape, co-ordination with what accessories to match with. What shape of bag, shoes, sunglasses, belts, sandals, hats etc. What silhouette to outline. It’s so much fun because it has meaning to every single piece you embellish yourself with, be it simplicity or outlandish. Understated and elegance, or chic and sexy or the other way round. And yes! What jewellery to put on, which tone, shape, colours and where to adorn yourself on. Not just random. It’s truly fun and satisfying. If you want to know more. Do take my course on as to learn the silent codes that only stylish people would notice and understand.

Give it a try!


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