Sudden Turn.

Yes, I started this blog with stories of my life; anecdotes, and beautiful experiences.

Then the Bed & Breakfast page.

Then went into style page too. Including offering an Online Course on Udemy.

Then my vlogs on Youtube channel.

And now, looks like the Universe is directing me to receive a blessing of going into the eco-friendly type of business.

Why you ask?

Because it just happened.

I did ask my gardener to make me 8 bamboo straws just like that! Out of the blue two months ago. Given that my garden here at home is surrounded by bamboo trees. We grow them higher to use as the perimeter of my land but also as to protect us from the prying eyes of neighbours who built a three-storey little house in the back of my swimming pool area.

Then I had a self-dialogue by telling myself, why don’t I make bamboo straws instead. If not for me, for guests. But just eight of them.

Speaking of guests, I was fortunate enough to receive 2 bookings at the same time, but from different bnb sites as they are friends.

One is from India, the other is from Belgium. It was lovely having them, a young generation of Startup Company that worked their time on the computer. Therefore, they were busy, quiet and introverted. I decided not to take photos of them.

Back to my bamboo straws. To cut the long story short. Suddenly I got an order of 200 pcs that will be picked up tomorrow.

My gardener cut the stalks off. It took 3 days since he had to select which stalks that fit as to make the straws. You can’t cut at any parts but in between where the connection is.

Had them boiled with water and vinegar.

Then the process of me smoothening each of its rough end and its outer sides and dry them some more.

They are not looking perfect and smooth like the commercial or machine-made products.

We make all by hands. Very artisan and organic. No dyes, no paints and no chemicals.

It’s time-consuming but I enjoy taking one of the straws each and make it usable and smooth to the touch.

However, my gardener is leaving July 1st after 8 years working in this premises. He needs to follow his kids who prefer the school in their village in Java as they are now on their teen years. I understand.

That means though, before I could take another order of my bamboo straws, I have to make sure I have someone to cut them first.

Here’s a glimpse at my work station of my sudden commodity created unwittingly and they’re now on sale. Will think of packaging, but it is going to be as effortless as possible.


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