Celebration of Idul Fitri is Over.

Back to the routines again even though this time, I am looking forward to them.

First, I have a new lodger for one of my bedrooms who will move in July 1. It is truly a gift as not only a monthly income I will earn extra, I also have a company staying in this big villa as well as having my own son as he is a young lad from UK.

I am looking forward to renting the other room on the same floor downstairs to another lodger even though originally, these two rooms are for my Bed & Breakfast business.

Therefore, tomorrow, my umpteenth time to receive BnB guests again but my first time to receive two different guests for two different rooms at the same time. Although they are friends. One, she is from Germany. The other, she is from India. June 11-15 is their booking and I am looking forward to make their stay here as comfortable and as pleasant as possible.

What’s your week ahead? Whatever it is, I hope a productive and happy one for you as well.

Be best.


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