Thank you, Macbook Air 13.

Yes, I have to thank for it since it is 5 years now that I own and am still using to this day.

Without it I don’t now how I could get some kind of healing or coping from the loss of my husband 5 years ago.

Things just laid out by themselves which I would call a divine intervention unfolding effortlessly.

I lost my husband March 21, 2014 during my visit here in Jakarta.

He was in Milan, Italy.

It was a sudden unexpected untimely loss.

He had a cardiac arrest.

During that time, I received an email in the middle of May from an expat lady whose husband was working here and was looking for a house since they have a twin, girl and boy, 7 years old, and so needing a big garden and a swimming pool that so happens is in the vicinity of her husband’s office.

They would love to view soonest.

They fell in love with it immediately and wanted to move in.

With that money, on the way to Jakarta, at Amsterdam Airport, I purchased this Macbook Air 13 and paid cash!

I had the money already in the bank transferred.

And so begins the life with this laptop as my only companion to this day.

It keeps me out of trouble.

It helps me heal by being able to have communication to friends and family.

It helps me feel not being alone whatsoever.

For this, I would like to share a link to where to buy online for those who need a high quality laptop that hasn’t given me a problem to this day.

Have a great week!!

Thank you, Macbook Air 13.

Seen here on the photo I took yesterday of my cat, Bubu.

There it is in the background.

Macbook Air 13:

A product you will never regret to invest in. It truly is an excellent investment!


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