A New Instagram on Style Alone

So, just to update you, I am in the mids of building a new Instagram page that is strictly on my particular, unique, authentic Milanese style that’s been tried and tested, therefore, I will share with you in a much more comprehensive way why it is different from any other style blog there is. This Instagram page will be cohesive with this very blog since this blog initially intended to implement “style” mostly.

Also, I am going to make changes on the promotional video of my Online Course on Udemy and as soon as that too is ready, I will let all of you know here. It’s quite a task but I trust that you will afford me the time to do so.

The current Instagram page by the name of metinarachmatika has now been changed to Metina’s Tropical Villa B&B page. If anyone who perhaps now would like to book directly, the facility to do so is there by just clicking on the link displayed. That shall take you to the Airbnb page where complete coverage is available.

Thank you for your understanding, I’m looking forward to your participation even if it were just one like on my blog post here.

Have a great week ahead!


Not all but at least quite a few photos, some are transferred from #metinarachmatika’s page that now has become strictly my B&B business page, and now, they are on metamilanstyle, the new style page on Instagram. Hope you enjoy them both. Every day I’m going to update with photos and stories.

If there’s special request or inquire about any of the two pages, drop me a line. Ot just write on your comment below. Thanks!



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