Lounge Dress Into Dressy Look

Since today was my staying-in day, however, I had to make a video for my Youtube channel that was supposed to be posted yesterday but now has just been posted, I decided whatever dress I was wearing today to make it into rather dressy kind of outfit. See the colours combination of this dress made of viscose with slanting length on both sides, and I happened to have this necklace of metal grey and bronze, combining with my earrings of the same hues of colours, I put them all together and voila! It evokes a bit of ethnicity in my look. Not to mention that I didn’t wear make-up at all such as foundation liquid or blush or even concealer, I am sharing you this as per my natural look. The same as in my video today as well.

I like my subscribers or followers to know my natural look and anyhow, I have never been one to slab a thick make-up on my face. As a matter of fact, since very young, I would apply make-up as not to look like I have put on make-up.

Just my simple blog today. By the way, I need to change my preview promotional videos on my landing page on Udemy online course of mine the soonest I can and will post the link here once again.

Thanks for your kind participation on my blog.

Wish you a very productive and constructive week!!


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