Asia or Europe?

Now that I’m living in Asia for 16 months straight with the mind of staying put and not just visiting like in my stay here previously, I’m starting to feel home again here gradually feeling settled, never mind the high humidity I am not familiar with for many years in life in the past.

On watching videos of the quiet civilised roads and orderly buildings of Europe, I suddenly feel melancholic of a sentiment in my past life there in the last 5 years since the demise of my husband that I don’t think I would go back again there to live. There’s no one anymore for me to accompany or be accompanied by. My life with my husband there has been immensely rich and satisfying which I am embracing now and cherishing for it to remain just a memory I’m blessed to have and been bestowed upon.

Therefore, life here in Asia I very much welcome and enjoy in its entirety on its total change of pace and allure.

People everywhere like ants on motorcycles, cars, on street side; workers, food stalls, people selling stuff, and the controlled chaotic of atmosphere… Yet… Living!

Smile, appreciation, respect, vibrancy, all things possible… is the sensation I derive by living here.

Yet, it’s not provincial. It’s not small-mindedness. It’s not complaints. It’s not anger.

It’s as if, everyone here feels all happy to be kicking and alive to enjoy that what comes.

And for this, I love Asia.


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