Effortlessness Keeps Showing.

I wasn’t going to vote on Indonesia’s General Election that took place April 17 after 16 months I have been living back in my country permanently. I never followed local politics only because I have been living away for most of my life abroad or Italy. Therefore, to go and vote is a foreign thing to me, also because living in Milan for many years, voting takes place at the Indonesian Embassy in Rome. I never bothered to check with their Consulate in Milan.

So, I didn’t plan on going to vote last Wednesday as the imagination of my first and only experience was one that I did during my time living in Singapore many years back.

I queued a long line at the Indonesian Embassy there. It was located in Orchard Road, the heart area of the city where all actions take place and malls and stores, hotels and cafes. That didn’t entice me to be there but I had to go. I voted.

Never again, I thought.

Then fast forward to this year. Two weeks ago, my housekeeper just mentioned casually that I have been invited by the head of the area here to vote as she has placed the official voting invitation in my bedroom’s writing desk.

I brushed off the idea until she mentioned, “the Polling Station is next door here on thenplot of land.”

That took my attention and made me think.

“Where” I asked.

“Right there” pointing to the very next door to my house.

And so, still thinking there’d be a lot of people but I felt a duty calls.

The idea of having to stand in line again rather puts me off but for the polling station to be right next door is no excuse for me not to go.

However, knowing that 1 pm will be closed, I better get up early that I couldn’t sleep rested at night. By 11 am only, I managed to be ready.

Arrived there, just a few steps over, the organisers so courteously asked me to take a sit. Then not even 10 seconds I could already go to the booth or the ballot box situated by the street by giving me all these folded papers.

Then… I voted!!

With my finger dipped in the ink as to proof that I have voted, I left and came back home all in merely five minutes!!

I love love love how things manifest effortlessly when I least expect it. I would think I’d have to make an effort in terms of waking up early, get dressed, breakfast, getting into the car, traffic jam, long queue.

I didn’t. It was right next door!! I couldn’t reiterate enough!

It turned out to be fun after all and quite a memorable thing to do in my own personal experience.

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