Aha Moment

Thanks to a friend in Italy on an Expat’s page that I’m a member of for his suggestion on why not make a Memoirs of Italy since I have so much to tell and share of the beautiful little anecdotes or stories that might be of interest or inspiration to my followers, subscribers or readers to date.

Yes! Why not??

Haven’t given it a thought in that context.

Yes, I do have a lot to tell but they’re all over the place that I wouldn’t know where to start.

So, allow me to start with this video, though, randomly told, I hope to make it in a more refined way although mind you, my channel is more on spontaneity, as it is, no-frills, non-professional kind of videos.

Therefore, I hope you don’t mind on the rawness of it e.g: not every video I am al dressed-up or with make-up on.

I’m not eloquent in my expression knowing there’s a camera pointed at me, somehow I always find myself tongue-tied.

Hope for your understanding and patience, I’m striving to improve every time on making these videos.

Thanks in advance.

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-RJGjkLDv5I6b74ScCeDuw?view_as=subscriber

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