Worrying for Nothing

For as long as my iPhone keeps closing on me whenever I take pictures let alone filming a video, which has been two years to day due to no Storage , I’ve always felt so restricted, anxious and limited to what I want to do with my Youtube channel by only using my old iPhone 5S. No camera to date since my old Canon was left in Milan to be stored at my girlfriend’s house as for her to bring it to Jakarta on her supposed to be trip here last December. She couldn’t make it albeit still attempting to come. My channel began in 2017 (though I accidentally deleted the previous one that I started earlier but was clueless still about vlogging), that I didn’t make it a diary-like let alone a business one for that matter. Not that today it has become a business of mine since I have not reached the qualified level required as to monetise it as I hope it would be someday.

Therefore, the idea of feeling the need to buy the new iPhone had become a sort of pressure to me because first; I can’t permit that for the time being. Second, I currently live in Jakarta with no locally-issued credit card except one from Milan which I could have used there to buy by going on credit instalments if I were in Milan, but I’m not. So, that’s OUT!

Then out of the blue, just casually so – bless my housekeeper – she casually mentioned in regard to always my having to complain on my not having storage on the phone, by saying, why can’t I go to one of those repair shops – which happens to be just 3 kms from here – and ask them if they could do something about it.

Voila!! They did!!

First, they changed the Home button of my phone as it couldn’t open and retract all those applications on display – and for that, I paid US$ 20. They did it in less than 15 minutes.

Then, second, I came two days after and had them make a total new instalment of the whole iPhone software where the phone becomes like a new phone again, at least, the space that’s almost 32GB gained by only paying US $10!! I did have to wait for more than an hour for the work to be done. What a miracle!!

Whilst at it, I went around this old Mall called Point Square, and gotten to know many other things that they have there to offer – it’s like all the Mac/iPhone, Samsung and any other electronics repair shops to date.

Now I know I don’t need to go to a far away Mall for these specific cases and how marvelled I feel to know that all that anxiety and worry that I might not become a good content creator on my Youtube channel will never materialise. Not that I now am going to have a professionally and beautiful videos as many others, but more a story-telling and a day to day life that’s mundane and hopefully though, can be inspirational to some.

Happy watching!

This is my first proper vlog that can at least be told by showing different footage as a backdrop or in the background every once in a while and not just on rambling in front of my webcam alone.

Have a great week ahead!!

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