Idea or Topic, Anyone?

Good Monday afternoon from here, Jakarta, Indonesia.

I was wondering if any reader here or follower of my blog, thanks first of all, for your participation on this blog that’s written without a set format but what flows or comes naturally on the day that I am scheduled to write which is every Mondays?

So today, I’d like to ask, what idea do you have to perhaps share with me on how you like to see in a blog?

Or, what topic would you like me to hone in so you could understand more in-depth about Italy or Indonesia, even London or Singapore , for that matter as I am very familiar with life living in these countries and places.

But most of all, about Milan, the city that I have lived for decades and Jakarta where I am from but now returning here after decades of absence except for my intermittent visits that lasted up to a year since late 2008 to 2016. Then December 2017 I am back here for good. Provided that my Bed & Breakfast business as well as my other businesses such as, YouTube channel, this Blog and my Online Course on Milanese Style succeeded in reaching my target I find satisfactory.

Here’s my latest video published yesterday on my YouTube channel; just an uncut, raw, natural and spontaneous kind of video talking about life in general on my daily life here in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to browse on any of my video posted previously and it it resonates, it’d be awesome to welcome you as my new subscriber.

Thanks again so much, a presto!!

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