Fried Bananas for my BnB Guests for Afternoon Tea.

Mine is very simple.

The only drawback to make this particularly simple fried bananas is the type of bananas that has to be either pisang kepok or pisang raja.

All you need to do is cut 3/4 length of the banana each and shift slightly to make it split apart but not wholly.

Make the rice flour and water with a pinch of salt as a watery dough that looks like emulsion.

Place the bananas in.

Deep fry them with any frying oil until it’s golden, turn till it has the same colour on the other side.

Take them out and put them in the kitchen towel lined plate.

Leave the a while.

Then serve.

If you need to make it sweeter, just combine it with margarine and sugar on the side.

That’s my “Pisang Goreng.”


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