My Style Online Course in Indonesian Language.

Alright, it’s not 100% as yet as I have to caption every video there and change all the Power Point pages comments below in Indonesian. I hope Indonesians would understand them though since it is a country that embraces English language that a lot of mixed expressions today given that also, many white women marry Indonesian men or at least, living together. You can see them all on Youtube, whether they live here in Jakarta or those who live in the women’s country. Anyhow, most importantly, it has at last been provided today in Indonesian language as well, therefore, there are currently two courses I have on Udemy for those who are interested. The other one is obviously in English.

For its links just type The Unspoken Rules of Style on Udemy’s search.

It is merely an insight on how the people in Milan that’s so stylish yet understated wear their clothes according to the unspoken rules. Definitely what I can assure you 100% is that, you will never go wrong.

Unless you find yourself in a crowd/event that doesn’t have any rules on attires.

Wishing you a good new week to you all.

Till next week, Monday.

“Be Marvelous, Magical and Magnificent.”

From Meta, born in Makassar, a Menadonese, lived in Milan and living in Mekar Baru Rd.

Letter M seems to be my soulmate, hence the MMM salute.


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