The Goodness of Living in Jakarta.

You can have a massage for the a fraction of the price Italy has and at home at that if one so choose. Nobody counts the duration of time, itt can last to over two hours like I just had two nights ago with my masseuse that came six months ago as I refuse to have it every so often like many others here.

All kinds of food from all over the world are available everywhere.

All imported stuff are there to choose, Ace Hardware, Ikea, Debenham’s, Sogo, and other well-known brand names stores and boutiques in the luxurious Malls with its restaurants, supermarkets, coffee-shops etc. Then, there’s also the middle-range malls for electronic goods etc., you never know what you can find at a most unlikely place that please pay attention when you browse by just taking your time when in malls or markets.

Everything is accessible as to make life much more convenient and comfortable. Everything can be done.

Cheap fares on transportation/taxi/app cars. ATM machines are in groups found in all malls, office buildings, marts etc.

Fruits from all over the world are there for you to select. Dragonfruits, mangoes, mangosteen, apples, Japanese pears, pears, oranges, berries, local fruits, Asian fruits imported from Thailand, etc etc.

Nobody shouts like in Milan as most cases, nobody gets mad easily, yes, we have horrendous traffic jam but each one gives way according to common-sense, not ego like in Italy. So, everything is managed quietly and smoothly in the end.

Too laid back at times but you can’t have everything.

Have a good new week, everyone!

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