Target of Minimum Ten Nights

Are being fulfilled thus far from the beginning of this New Year 2019 at my Bed & Breakfast business here in Jakarta, Indonesia. First guests from Malaysia have left an hour ago. It is so interesting to get to know these visitors when we find ourselves chatting away during their stay here in between the time after breakfast, or awaiting transportation to pick them up, how people live their own life to that of our own or that is familiar to us.

Coming next, an 8-day stay, an Indonesian wife of a Finnish/Danish man who’s awaiting for her arrival there but needing a place to stay after packing their bags here having lived as expatriates before she departs for Europe.

I was glad to know the guests last night ordered a masseuse as the husband needed a massage called “kerok” that uses a coin to scratch your back after having applied some eucalyptus oil or oil of your choice such as lavender or lemon grass, to get “the wind out” of your body. He showed me the marks and to Western people, you’d be shocked to see. I couldn’t ask for a snapshot of it.

And so, my third week of this month has been passed with productivity that I love focusing now in my life since I don’t have any other responsibility any longer in terms of family as my daughter lives in NYC as an independent woman running her own company.

Wishing you a very good and productive week ahead!

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