Out of Comfort Zone

My second blog of this New Year 2019 that I’ve scheduled to write every Monday each week and together with my video posted yesterday on Youtube, here’s the topic of this blog.

It has become my modus operandi to accept by surrendering myself to whatever changes that take place out of my control.

You see, out of that predicament where one needs to either go out of his or her comfort zone as to accept the chaos or the disorder of a situation he or she finds in, see it as a learning process that awaits him or her as to shed the old skin, so to speak, to a new skin. It will end up enrich her or him even more and make life so fascinating to live with continuous learning along the way he or she’d never know if it had been refused, avoided or rejected. It’s never dull, as the saying goes, if you always take it from that angle of perception as then, a sense of excitement what fuels living because nothing seems to be impossible. All turn out magnificently!

To close an apartment in Milan where I lived for decades with my late husband there, who was already living there when he brought me to Milan as to marry and live with him as our home base, I’ve had to do all by myself.

Packing things into a box and seal them one by one. To add, those in the attic too.

I did it without a great planning prepared written in front of me but by executing little by little, one by one.

Yet I see a couple on youtube taking so much hardship just to pack and move, yet, they are the two of them.

I do appreciate all my true friends in Milan who have helped me a great deal and I am also glad to have been able to give away some of my valuable things to them knowing these things are with them and I can always see whenever I desire. They don’t go to people I don’t know except for the fridge, stove, furniture.

All in all, I have no regret to part since they have served their purpose with my life with my husband that have given us such comfort and happiness during.

Out of comfort zone to move, to part, to leave… all the familiar things you have been surrounded with… into a new environment… IS an adventure itself and let me tell you this. One gets addicted.

Love the new empty place to live in. Love to start purchasing things to create one’s world in it. Love to get to know new places even as banale as supermarkets, banks, markets, various stores as to learn to find your way as to where and how. Love it!!

Therefore, when faced with it. Take it! If you have the personality for it, do it! It’s exhilarating to no end!!

Enjoy your week! Be the growth that you want in life.

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