Order and Structures for 2019

Now that the new year has begun a week, I’m feeling enthused to start it with daily routines or I would prefer to call it, “structure” to my day.

Except weekends. I can opt for anything to do at my leisure.

Five years that I have not done so. Or all my life for that matter. Five years meaning since husband’s demise.

I find myself suddenly to want to put order in my life as a single woman living in this big house all to myself, why not create a structure somehow into my daily life from waking up in the morning to evening according to my ambiance as to create it productively.

I’ve sort of started and now it is full-blown and what a difference it makes!!

I give a slotted time for each task from waking up to evening.

Exercises before that at least 3x/week.

Then spirituality.

Then gain knowledge on something that interests me.

Business. Corresponding. Just tending.


Daily content creation for my Youtube channel or blogging (once a week every Mondays) for my website.

Nap. Yes, I never took a nap in the last few decades of my life. Now I am doing it.

Meditation. Either morning or afternoon after napping.

Tea time

Then the evening as free to choose.

Dinner 8pm.

Bed time 9pm onwards but not to sleep.

Navigating on the Internet on whatever it is that interests me.

Then good-night after 11 pm although I am a night-owl, not easy to give up on this but I do fall asleep easily nowadays.


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