Daily Vlogmas?

No. As I do need a proper camera in order to do that as for you to enjoy more.

As contrary to the content of this video, my lady friend from Milan is coming to visit me here for New Year’s Eve after all. No confirmed date as yet. She’ll book after the 6th, she says.

As I say, boring to hear by now, I love being on my own and would have been alright to be by myself on this Festives Season, not feeling up to entertaining… However, to know that my friend is coming all the way from Italy is such a gratitude I have towards her.  She’s been to Asia in the past but has not been for many years since Asia has progressed in such rapid mode, transpiring with modern facilities every day especially in Indonesia where most parts were unexplored. Now, they are accessible, not all but on many interesting parts this country has to offer. I am so excited she, who originally was a friend of my late husband, will be here soon.

She’s the one who helped me enormously on my plight to empty my apartment in Milan. Helped me sort out many fronts including getting some of the boxes from the supermarket as to be used to pack some of the things. A true and genuine friend I am so lucky to have.

Although, she’s not coming with her companion, hence, won’t be staying at the Sands Hotel in Singapore on the way here as it was originally planned. What a shame because her companion could have taken this trip as to do all these sightseeing in Asia where he has never been.

Hope my friend, Ornella, will like her stay here. I can’t wait!


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