Although I couldn’t mention names but I have one friend that first came to mind is a friend I’ve known since early 80’s who truly is the essence of what real friendship is about. This person is not one who is there to listen to you when you need to talk, not one who is present in daily life, not one who I even meet regularly in a year. We lost touch for many years but I don’t forget this person as this person has been consistently there in my life, on and off. Fortunately, now on again as we’re in touch and know where we are, thanks to FB. I am happy to see this person is so blessed because only right so. This person also helps many children who need help. I just can’t wait to reciprocate with what this person has already helped me with which is immense!

Another friend, she is in Milan, Italy.  A friend of my late husband whom he introduced a month or two after he invited me together with him back to Italy from Jakarta, my first time ever to visit his country. She was with her then husband who live in Milan but invited us to her husband’s family’s beautiful big apartment in Bergamo, 60 kms from Milan. She and I took to each other soon but our husbands were always present every time we got together. Years later their marriage ended and she lived with a companion to this day so both men I know. After my husband demise, she and I became very close in that we’d meet every so often until when I had to empty my apartment to leave back for Indonesia. I see her friendship to me was made of gold. She helped in such that she brought a helper to help me packing and carrying stuff out of the apartment and into the Storage. She brought a couple to put some of my things on consignment as to sell. She was there every time I needed anything. What a friend she turned out to be and I can never thank her enough.

Another friend, also in Milan. More on the background and low key. Also someone I came to know through my husband whose partner/companion then was my husband’s ex-colleague who became his friend. But they too split-up and the companion continued to be friend with us. What’s surprising, she remained onto become my friend to this day. And this very friend helped me when I needed after my husband’s demise. She would take me for a nice fancy Italian dinner every once in a while knowing that we used to do that when she, her companion, my husband and I did several times. She’s a quiet friend but so loving when I needed and what I like also of her is she is a lady of taste. I love her apartment and its interior decoration. Love her.

Another friend is another lady in Milan. Married to an Italian herself. Love her! Very helpful especially in the times I needed too even in packing my things and brings them down into her car and out into the Storage. She is American and I am so lucky to have her as my steady friend whom I have actually met since we both were just new in Italy, many years ago, at a Ladies luncheon. I met her again through a mutual friend years later. However, only years later after that we became close. She too was there when I called her out of desperation on my return to Milan on husband’s death where I needed a place to stay as I couldn’t stay in my own apartment due to some inconvenient matter. She and her husband came to my rescue yet they were out in the countryside at their home there, luckily for me, was on their way to return to Milan just right at that nick of time. She too would treat me for a lovely meal or a drink which became our ritual. Makes my eyes tearing up to know the friends who are so genuinely so kind, giving and sweet beyond my expectation.

Another friend is an Indonesian lady who invited me to stay with her at her wonderful daughter’s place in Singapore on my way back to Jakarta from Milan exactly on the Christmas day last year. She too has been a help when I needed and I can’t wait to reciprocate every each one of them including those I did not write here.

Therefore today in the early days of this month of December, the festive season we are in now, I just wanted to share the kindness of these particular friends and let’s be kind to one another even if as little as a smile to a stranger, each day of our lives.

Giving kindness is free, if we only allow it to be.

Lots of blessings!

What’s yours?


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