Italian’s Meal Times.


Breakfast: Espresso or cappuccino. Brioche/Croissant.

Lunch: Depending but Panino – Italian sandwich for a fast food. And pasta and secondo (main course) for lunch.

After lunch: Either espresso or marocchino or caffe macchiato or ice cream.

Tea time: Cappuccino, tea or espresso your choice. With a slice of cake or a fruit tart.  

In Winter; Hot Chocolate with Cream for afternoon.

Spring, Summer: Ice Cream whilst strolling in the streets. Or seated in a Gelateria or Bar.

Cocktail: Choices of Crodino, Aperol, Prosecco or Spritz of Aperol and tid-bits (they are called Happy-Hour where many would fill up with the tid-bits most of the time and no dinner).

Or Dinner: Antipasti of varieties such as fried olives with fillings, pickled anchovies, different salamis, or in summer raw cut vegetables such as carrots and celeries served in ice-cubed water in a transparent bowl.

Then primo (pasta of any preparation), secondo (main course), salad or cooked or boiled vegetables with french fries or puree or polenta or risotto if it’s in early Spring, Autumn or Winter.

Desserts:  Fruits (mostly at home), Tiramisu, profiterol, panna cotta.

Digestive: Grappa or Limoncello. 

This is the standard way to order in a restaurant and beverage at a bar. All at allocated times except for Bars (which is a place for beverages and aperitivo).

Have a wonderful time in Italy!

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