Adjusting Living in Jakarta

As I realised I still could tweak on getting more storage on my old iPhone 5S, it has given me ability to film for posting vlogs as frequent as possible for your enjoyment to follow my life now that I am a widow moving from Italy back to Indonesia.

It’s fun to explore all the wide variety and an array of things I never expected to find here in Jakarta that made me realise that I have returned to Jakarta at the right time. To think that when I left, Indonesia was not allowed to import anything from abroad.

Now they have Ikea, Ace Hardware, Marks&Spencer, Top Shop, Karen Millen, all the top Designers Labels, local furniture shops, hundreds of expansive malls even Carrefour, all over in the city unlike Milan that has to be outside in the outskirt.
The wide variety of all the latest cameras, fridges, washing machines, electronic goods, computers etc.

Fruits and vegetables. Nuts and organic import products from Australia and New Zealand as they are not so far from Indonesia.

All the goods, foodstuff from USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, Thailand etc.

All the gimmicks from China such as lights, mics, camera tripod or stands etc.

An Uber car service called Go-car or Grab that is not only convenient but so cheap.

Yet, there’s the five-stars Hotels everywhere for its Coffee Shops, Lounges, Restaurants to your fancy.

It’s an expansive world here compared to Milan which is much more homogenous and closed in their approach to products and night life as well as trades.

I still can’t adjust to its heat and humidity as even though air-conditions are in taxis, cars, office buildings, malls, hotels, bedrooms of a house, but it’s not in the living room especially in my open Balinese styled house. Thus for my new balcony as to feel the breeze and the pool area or the verandah downstairs.

Guests are coming form my Bed & Breakfast room, hopefully with more consistency, I am also diving into this business as much as my Online Course business. These are my main priorities now living as a widow of 4 years today.

Thanks for reading, liking or being follower of my blog or my youtube channel and Instagram. Your participation gives me sheer pleasure and make my day every time because I derive joy from these activities that I attend to every day of my life that feels a true real blessing to be cherished and favoured.

It is the life style that I chose today that fits my needs and my enjoyment.

Thank you and much love xx.

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