Make-Up for Autumn Brown&Black Attire.

Pastel Brush Strokes Makeup Facebook Post-3

The uniqueness of the Milan’s Unspoken Rules of Style is that for every weather of every season, it has its own chronological order as to what to put on, on that day.

Spring and Autumn have the same order. So is Summer and Winter. With added or reduced items as in fabrics, hues in colours, textures and materials in jewellery, shapes in shoes and bags, and so sunglasses too. 

You’ll get to know the science of it all inside my online course where living there for years as what I have done is not required. I’ll interpret and guide you on each rule that you’ll find as an eye-opener and fun to apply.

Join me there: Milan’s Unspoken Rules of Style  See you on the other side to where the world of the trained eyes reside.

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