My Online Course is Here!

It is with my great pleasure that I have been approved to publish this course on Understated Style titled Milan’s Unspoken Rules of Style, a dream I have been keeping in my heart that one day, I could share with you the all experiences I have been blessed to learn during my decades of living in Milan, Italy, with an Italian husband who loved style the Milanese way.

My Online Course

Took me at least 3-5 years to really grasp the essence on how to put an outfit together on any given day because every weather of the season counts.  Thus, one doesn’t dress randomly that makes outfits meaningless except to go to work, party, event. In Milan, it is an everyday affair. Whether you go out shopping on that day or you go down the stairs to a nearby bar or mini market getting some grocery, you dress up but according to the colours combination on that day. Only those who are ardent followers grasp it implicitly. Thus for its Unspoken Rules.

Hope you enjoy! Momentarily the course is on draft setting since I still am adding some more to the Lectures that you will be a member of for life. Any changes made at anytime will always be at your doorstep or just a click away anytime, anywhere, on always continuous basis.

Cheers to you and cheers to Style! The Milan’s Unspoken Rules of Style that IS!





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