Transitional Summer-Autumn.

As I am in Jakarta, Indonesia, a tropical country – there’s no four seasons happening here. 

However, we do have buildings with Air-Condition be it office or mall, car or taxi, people tend to have an additional piece as in shawl, scarf or cardigan – if not a sweater altogether worn along their basic outfit here.  

Having lived in Milan, Italy, for quite a long time, it is still not in my custom to think tropical.  I have a 4-season mentality, therefore, allow me to share this blog on how the Milanese transition themselves especially on going back to work from summer holiday or street fashion attire to office. 

From boho-chic, sandals, jeans & t-shirt to rain coat (trench), grey outfits, tartan pattern and all the autumn colours available as much as fabrics that determine each season. 

An online course is in the works by yours truly, however,  due to copyright issues, verification and promotional video as well as content, it takes time to complete the whole course. I would like them to be presented based purely on my own vision on what works and what not, as a result of my years spent in Milan, Italy, thus living it first-hand with a knowing result. 

As much as it sounds simple, this rule can not be learned on a fly by merely reading about it but also has to be explained in a finicky manner as to give deeper understanding on why the rule is the rule and unspoken at that. It’s similar to secret codes that when you see it, you know the person “gets it.”

For now this is my blog as to anticipate the course. 

However, do post comment below if you have any question on this regard, I’d be happy to answer anytime. 

In the meantime, in 10 days… before the official Autumn starts.  Enjoy your transitional outfits albeit in tropical country some of us live. Apply them with the most suitable fabrics according to the temperature of the place on a given day. Pass it with aplomb. It gives a certain significance or purpose to the attire you wear while leaving alone the attires of the previous season (Summer we are still in) to rest for now.  

Have fun!!



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