In the Zone of My Creativity Juice


It just manifested itself by an idea of two-persons casual assessment on how to make a new roof that was precariously standing, it’s a matter of time before it collapses.  And so born is this balcony that wasn’t planned but a contractor and my idea that met at the same time when originally it was only to change the termite-ridden palm poles helping the roof to last a bit longer with its tiles hanging curvy and asymmetrically.

My life has always been many unplanned manifestations and this latest one is one that I am delighted to have taken into a task to the finish.

Beautiful! Overload relaxation. Mediterranean-like as to leave it outdoor as I do miss Italy and its four seasons but why not create here at home and also, multi functional. Will have to add a kind of an awning or roof for the rain and strong wind but adhering to a natural material as to complement its natural surroundings. Just like the coffee table in the picture above. Mentioned to my gardener to make something of that nature since we do have plenty of bamboos and wood supplies from the demolished parts and voila! The table is made. The gardener is very adept at making these crafts in no time.

One friend has enjoyed this balcony with me and I am looking forward to having more as to have an alfresco meal or just a lovely tet-a-tet having our tea or cappuccino and coffee, be it espresso or the strong Indonesian coffee.

Grade: 20 – for what it evokes to be sitting here in total paradise, peace and joy unprecedentedly enjoyed and experienced.

As for my vlogs. I am behind due to lack of storage on my iPhone 5S and my Macbook Air 13. I don’t own a camera as I left it in Milan and must have misplaced it somewhere during my packing to close my apartment there for good.  Purchased the USB to transfer photos to make for space from both devices and still requires more. Will sort that out asap.



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