Life in Jakarta with Style

So, I went to an invitee Fashion Show for the first time yesterday at Raffles Hotel, thanks to the invitation of my close friend whom will remain nameless,  I could slowly be integrated into my own country once again after many years of absence, although, with resistance on my part as I somehow feel I’m over the socialising which is still very welcome, not the negative sides of it, especially amongst women. I am over the competition, the status quo, the gossips, all because in the new life I am leading now, life is peaceful.

I would share my day yesterday.

Due to the vastness of this city, Jakarta, added by its phase of constructing the new MRT (Metro Railway Transit) transportation above some part of the city, and, the toll and express ways so as to reach the other ends – not helping – with the motorbikes and the traffic congestions everywhere – it was best that I’d go to my friend’s residence which is almost in the centre of the city.

Once there, as she could only invite two friends to this show, she invited myself and this ex-Jakarta model cum actress as well where now I met her and was introduced. Yes, she was in other events that I have been as well but this time, as friends, and yes, I like her.

The three of us in this elegant black sedan of my best friend with a driver, off we went to the Raffles Hotel for tea time Fashion Show.

It was lovely!

Some of the Ambassadors with their wives went on the runway as models.  Music was very atmospheric that made some of us want to stand and dance.

Attendees were mostly the selected expats of this city and most are the regulars.

Then there was this lady who also is a friend of my friend, however, was as snob who was not a nice lady. She is famous in this city too although in the past but still belonging to the haves that any new face like me is somebody she’s not interested to know.

It’s funny. How I feel like a foreigner in my own country.

Yes, admittedly, all these ladies have been Jakartans for many years, building their homes and businesses, therefore, knows one another quite comfortably.

And there I was still feeling uneasy lol… with different of mentality, comportment, perceptions.

I have to admit, I love the ambience and the people.

Once the show ended, my friend with the actress and this other snobby lady decided to continue downstairs to the Lounge of the Lobby for tea.  Yes, Jakarta provides some of the best luxurious hotels in the world and yes, non-guests are very welcome to spend time and their money in its Coffee shops, Restaurants, Bars, Lobbies and Lounges.

I decided not to join, also because of the traffic congestion to consider since my house is on the almost outskirt of this city.

I was happy that I accepted the invitation as my friend was insistent in the very loving way and I always like to see her happy because she too is a widow of one year.

Here are some pics although I am not one who likes to snap photos at events or when I am with people because of not wanting to interrupt the flow of the atmosphere.

Hope you enjoy reading this. Please write the kinds of topic you would like me to share as long as within my experiences so as to remain authentic in its conveyance.

I miss Italy for its climate as here is tropical hot and humid. Therefore, almost everywhere it is air-conditioned especially in Hotels, Malls, Office Buildings, Cars and all our bedrooms when we go to sleep.


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