How to be Elegant Anywhere

It is possible.

Just follow these simple instructions.

As Coco Chanel once quoted, “Before you leave home, look in the mirror and make sure to take something off.” Or to that effect.

In other words, never over-embellish yourself.

Wearing jeans can be elegant by adding high-heels or a necklace or even a jacket for example.

Chic is another term in how a woman should look with her outfits.

A little black dress (an lbd as they call it)? Match it with a pair of ballerina shoes perhaps? And a chignon? For cocktail hours?

A classic tailleur (skirt and jacket suit) with mini, midi or maxi length of a skirt… either one of those skirt’s length would make a great outfit that’s elegant for a party. Even a pantsuit with a slight flared bottom trousers (palazzo pants) – would make great for a wedding or a baptism event.

And as for daily wear… dress according to your personality subject to venues of where you spend your time that day.

Remember… never looking vulgar with too tight an outfit or too few that does not fit you perfectly that makes you even uncomfortable to wear that’s beyond tolerance.

Vulgarity, randomness (non- specific style), fashion-victimhood because it is the latest trend, embellishments because you have the money to flaunt them, and copy-cat outfits because you belong to a certain group is NOT a style.

It’s fun to style based on season, event, place, time, occasion.

Most of all, be your “unique” and “elegant” or “chic”  self… by just combining the right pieces into making an art of your personality and the representation of your whole outlook in life.




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