My Moving Day is Here

Well, today it is the moving day from this apartment itself. 

Today is The Day. 

Mixed emotions? Strangely enough, very scarce. Perhaps that I have been a widow for almost 4 years now? Perhaps that psychologically Pietro, my late husband, had never wanted to live here in the first place and more than ready to leave Italy move to Indonesia? Perhaps this place has always been a home base for us only.  Everywhere we go we would come here after the stints of my husband as an Engineer on projects in various countries? Our lives have always been on the move.  Perhaps of the tough culture to begin with for when I just arrived, it was real tough to face his friends and family because they couldn’t comprehend how an Italian man would do that?  A city that was still homogenous then in its inhabitants, had  found it hard to comprehend their Italian son would go to faraway places or to be precise, to the jungle, (that’s what they thought based on their ignorance and hostility) – to meet his love but most of all invited her by going himself as to accompany her back to his country? Yes, it was love at first sight on his part and he didn’t waste any time! For him to announce to his “sister” and friends and family that he had invited his love to come to Italy as he would like her to see and get to know the country’s beauty? On this face alone, unbeknownst to me, I had entered a landmine, hostility that I never knew existed and to years later? To this date his sister (the only sibling and 7 years older than him) be hostile towards me anytime? No matter how much respect I’ve shown and demonstrated, that patriotism and hostility prevailed. 

24th is THE DAY of leaving Italy back to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Stop in Singapore to meet a lady friend one night on her invitation to celebrate Christmas with her family.

26th Jakarta.

A moment of my reflection this morning that I like to share with you.  

Will let you know how I feel once in Jakarta of the “coming home” with no more obligation to return to this apartment here in Milan any longer.



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