One Doesn’t Fit All – Be You.


(If you see the previous pic posted which was a photo taken in Spring Time. Spring and Autumn are the mid-seasons which fabrics, colour-cordinations, cuts and silhouettes are similar except stronger colours and thicker fabrics or textures for Autumn recommended and this one currently is the one taken today).

Thus for some people who resembles one another, rightly or wrongly, don’t you think? There’s not much difference from one to another on their presentation of themselves with duck bee-swollen lips and strong contours and dark thick eyebrows.

I love my youtube channel and I love others as well. The only thing that wanes my attention from them  after a while is that… everybody seems to be using the same format, the same music, the same presentation of products and the same lifestyle: a partner, a pet dog or cat, living in posh place, attending posh events and trying various food and do workout, showing expensive cars, and yes, extra appearance of family and friends as well. 

Well, they’re all beautiful and all but with mine…  as also being a new content creator, it has to be within the capacity of my own life style and my own format with my own music of the moment as it is restricted still being a new kid on the block in terms of a Youtuber and so, that’s how it goes for the moment. However, I am not going to be doing the same format as most creators are. It’s going to be an authentic me… An Indonesian woman living in Milan, Italy… with a history of various experiences living in other countries as well.

I am pleased to keep uploading my video as rogue but au naturel as it comes with my every video, I hope I could still bring some inspirations to those who watch or subscribe.

For now it’s life in Milan and its style.  The reason is most of all, the stark difference of when you take a connecting flight to Milan, at the Airport/Departure Lounge, that’s where you see in particular, the men so well-dressed being Italians who are returning to Milan. Vice versa on when you are at the Airport of Milan until arrival on the next Airport outside of Italy.  The style just dropped to no style at all. It makes you come down to feeling the humdrum of life without beauty as you wouldn’t feel here in Milan. Or perhaps I am too long of an inhabitant of this city, nevertheless, I do wish to share to those who perhaps would find it inspiring even merely in just to being oneself in the know.

For example today it is sunny and bright with a clear blue sky above – after a grey and damp frosty day yesterday. 

What should one wear in this late Autumn season in Milan that would blend with its style of ensemble in one’s outfit? 

  • Black outfit with a hint of strong warm colours to combine to be worn in the day time i.e.: black fuseaux or pants with an orange or green or burgundy scarf. 
  • Or with a strong dark burgundy lipstick with subtle eye make-up application.
  • Grey with a soft orange or green or burgundy colour of scarf or even soft purple for the evening.
  • Soft coloured lipstick of any colours of the above with more visible blush and leaving eye make up still subtle but with an eyeliner application to compliment your eye shape to go. 

And so here are my choices of these samples to give some visual ideas of what I mean.

A day time dress:
A daytime scarf:
A pair of a nice ankle boots to go:
A matching bag to go with the outline of your outfit:
Choose the strong colour lipstick for a sunny autumn day like today:

An evening wear:
Evening bag:
And soft colour lipstick or even a stronger one in burgundy, burnt orange or orange such as this:
Just to pep up the soft look, however, soft orange, burgundy coloured lipstick that are luminescent will complement the whole look.

And so they are my choice of the sunny and bright day of Autumn after the grey and cold day of yesterday.

This is what style is about. Making an impact but in that pleasing-to-the eye combinations of the season and one will never go wrong so stride with confidence.  Look at the world in the eye and say, “Proud to be Me!”  

You as a customer do not pay more because I have used an affiliate link, it does not affect you in any way other than a small percentage of the sale may go to the person who generated the link. You pay no more, no less for buying, it’s just a couple of pounds goes to the person who influenced sale of the item.



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