Consultancy for Understated Personal Style

Consultant for Understated, yet, Impressive Style.

Do you need a guide on what to wear as the right attire at a function or an event to look superb yet understated? Or at any given occasion, please do not hesitate to contact me. An hour of consultancy that can be executed any which way that is to your convenience Should you need a personal buyer or style co-ordinator, it will give you a sense of confidence wherever you go. Looking forward to sharing some of the most unspoken rules of how and what to wear Milan, Italy, has to offer. Glamorous, business-like, comfort wear, sportive, elegant, chic, lounging or coffee morning. Life is to be enjoyed in its emphasis on details that gives you that sense of structure and significance of every material, design, shape, type of style worn down to jewellery, bags and sunglasses. Stop looking the same on every outfit by applying the same tone of colours. Variety is the Spice of Life. Make the most of it within the boundary of chicness and class. Have Fun!!




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