In the Midst of Chaos; Peace.

IMG_9786I am in the deep uncomfortable situation where I have feared greatly over the last 2 years to have to find myself in.  Yet, now that I am in, peace takes over.  And that’s what I came to learn. Amazing.

Delegating various people with their sources and expertise and help, I get to move out from this apartment here in Milan, Italy, step by step now. I have lived with my beloved late Italian husband in this quite cosy but tiny place where he had been living long pre-me time. I’m suddenly faced with the responsibility of having to move everything out including myself of which I will have to then book my flight to return to Jakarta, Indonesia, to take care of our Villa there as well.

However, in order to determine the date to do that, I need first to empty this place completely.  From the big heavy wooden Italian wardrobe, sideboard, bed set, dining table and 6 chairs to be disposed of to transporting all the things that I keep into the International Storage space that I just rented 2 days ago.  My packing is in progress but needing bigger boxes for other items that actually needed professional packing method as to carry them from this apartment into the van and to the Storage.

I hope very much I can finalise everything in the way it should be  so that I could proceed with booking my flight with confirmed date soonest.

One week before leaving, I shall call all the utility Companies informing of my final use of their service on that date.

All these have been done by myself with the help of my true kindest Italian girlfriends be it in their pointers and advices on some legal rights as well as a guidance on what to do next by contacting the proper people that I need as to help and be there whenever I need, even if they are busy in their own respective lives. I appreciate this very much from the bottom of my heart.

Needing your positive energy always but I do get to see who are the real persona to be that genuine friend of mine when I needed the most,  wanting the best for me, or those who couldn’t careless and taking advantage of my weakness be it in my vulnerable moment or my kindness… and for this I am truly grateful to know of their true colours.  It has opened my eyes and also my mind to see another perspective as to share on tips or advices on what NOT to do or say when you are faced with someone who are in need or down.

Have a wonderful weekend, till next blog! Namaste.








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