It’s Been a Wringer of a Week!

What an adventure in terms of trying to tie loose ends in the past week to this day which was epic! I am cool, calm and collected where life is taking me in the months of September and October, a situation that I have never had to face in my life and yet, here it is, it’s finally here as for me to navigate through treading on paths never before passed, let alone being on my own in this adopted country.

Still, I feel ever so grateful that this is nothing to tackle in the settling of this city where conveniences of reaching one place to another is a walk in the park, no pun intended.  Just imagine if it had been in my native country, Indonesia, this would have been at least 10 times harder.

I am grateful for these experiences that has slowly transformed me into this rather a mature and responsible being.  I am grateful for all the new things I learned along the way of conducting everything myself down to the nitty gritty of things that I never used to have to tackle.  I am grateful to at last seeing what true friends are and I today have them without any doubts that they truly are my genuine friends. I am grateful of the liberty given of being me with all the tools learned in these years of three significant chapters in my life.   I am grateful of the uninterrupted full life I have with myself, of myself and with myself.  I am simply grateful for everything that the Universe has made me see, feel, and experience.

I am still in the middle of this trench, wading through the slightly muddy waters trying to reach the above ground, clean, tidy and orderly once again, if not better than ever! Yes, with a sense of peace by allowing myself fully to the divine of life in the faith of what I have always seem to inherit all throughout my life and that is to allow even subconsciously to where life wants to take me. I am. I live. I trust.

And so, today is closed with some semblance of relief regardless of the failed attempts to what I originally set out to do, yet, feeling calm within because that’s my call, my destiny… to leave this apartment that my late hubby and I have been living on and off for decades.  It sort of gives me a breather of space to come up again with another possibility of solution as if the right puzzle has not been found but with optimism, all will be solved by letting the chip falls where it may be and that is the path to my destiny. 

Ever so grateful!









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